Two of Our Top Producers Head to Sunny Punta Cana

Reign Management offers team members the chance to travel all over the world, broadening our horizons while also building friendships that last a lifetime. One month might find us at a weekend leadership conference, while at another time we’ll visit a high-performing office for some cross-training tips. This month, however, we have a special excursion in store: Corrin and Ken will be going to Punta Cana for a rest and relaxation retreat!

Ken and Corrin have been working for an invite to this event for an entire year, and the timing couldn’t be better. Instead of the cold New Jersey winter weather, they’ll be soaking up the sun in the Dominican Republic before wrapping up a busy holiday season and pushing forward into a new year. While at their seaside resort, they will also have the chance to listen to keynote speakers, network with industry leaders, and meet other marketing pros from around the world who qualified for this trip as well.

There are so many benefits to our Reign Management travel program that we’re surprised more companies don’t get on board with this perk. For example, morale goes through the roof whenever we announce an upcoming trip, and then again when people return. Knowing that effort is rewarded with such enriching experiences is inspiring and motivates us to do our best work.

Congratulations again to Corrin and Ken for earning their way to the exclusive Punta Cana trip. See where our top producers travel next by following Reign Management on Twitter.