PRESS RELEASE: Reign Management Attends National Leadership Conference

WAYNE, NJ – Top Reign Management producers travelled to Dallas for a national leadership and networking conference. The firm’s President discussed this event, and the importance of business trips to team member development.

“We offer a variety of business trips throughout the year that serve a few different purposes,” stated Ken Z., President of Reign Management. “For example, our team members enjoy cross-training opportunities at high-performing offices, and relaxation retreats at tropical resorts. We scope out new and potential markets together as well. All of these are ways for us to recognize those who have contributed most to our company’s mission and embraced our values, while also supporting team member growth with advanced-level training and development.”

The firm’s most recent excursion took hand-selected professionals to Dallas, Texas, for a weekend conference. Industry leaders from across North America came to network and share best practices, while keynote speakers discussed the latest techniques and strategies being used in our field. What’s more, at a prestigious awards ceremony, Reign Management team members saw just how much potential for growth and profit exists in customer acquisitions.

“Even though this was an event for which associates had to meet certain goals to attend, the whole firm benefitted from it,” Ken stated. “Those of us who went were busy posting content on our social media feeds to share with our team, and we took copious notes as well. When we returned, we held a meeting to share our takeaways with the rest of the crew. Not only does this ensure that the knowledge we gained has the greatest possible impact, but it also helps us get psyched up for the next qualifying trip.”

Reign Management’s Travel Program Provides Competitive Edge

Professional development opportunities form the hallmark of Reign Management’s training program, according to Ken. The firm offers numerous paths for people to meet and network with people in the industry, all across the country. By offering travel opportunities, team members have the chance to learn from top leaders and business professionals who will be important to their careers both now and in the future.

“Our approach to talent acquisition and augmentation is the foundation of our company’s success,” Ken declared. “We seek those who will thrive in our company’s culture by identifying applicants with shared values, then invest in their success. Our educational trips are just one of the ways we show how invested we are in helping our colleagues achieve their personal and professional potential.”

About Reign Management
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