PRESS RELEASE: Comprehensive Training Supports Reign Management’s Success

WAYNE, NJ – The President of Reign Management, Ken Z., highlighted the different elements of the firm’s leadership training program, such as customer service, executive presence, and company culture.

As a growing company, Reign Management frontrunners are always on the lookout for sharp, ambitious professionals looking to join a winning team in a fast-paced environment with growth opportunities. While so-called hard skills like education and work history carry some weight during the interview process, it’s character traits like a positive attitude and resolve that make applicants stand out for Ken. These are the men and women that can put the firm’s comprehensive learning system to its best use: channeling determination into focused action that creates success for both the individual and the team.

The Reign Management training program is about more than job skills. One of the primary goals of the curriculum is to create a team of people who are well versed in the fundamentals of business. This includes a solid grasp on topics like customer service and professionalism. The program also creates competency in such areas as networking, public speaking, and executive presence. Time is made for personal development as well: Ken points out the power of a growth mind-set and self-confidence when it comes to creating success and is committed to helping each member of his team grow in these areas.

The role of the team member in relation to the company culture is a vital topic for the learning system as well. Values like recognition, collaboration, achievement, and growth are discussed frequently, as they are the principles that guide Reign Management operating decisions and are also the ideals that successful associates work by as well.

At Reign Management, Everyone Is Prepared for Leadership

The ultimate goal for many who join Team Reign Management is to eventually operate a satellite office of their own, according to Ken. This is something the firm’s training system is designed to do as well. Through coaching from experienced associates and one-to-one mentorship, seasoned managers pass on the knowledge and techniques that helped them move forward in their careers and lead others effectively.

The firm’s commitment to internal promotions reflects the importance of personal and professional development too. By ensuring that team members have growth opportunities that give them more responsibility, Ken incentivizes the learning habit. When team members show mastery of their roles and prove their ability to mentor, coach, and train others, they get the chance to lead a team of their own. This can happen at whatever pace associates are comfortable with, because the training regimen can be personalized to meet individual needs.

Ken is looking forward to the best year for Reign Management ever, supported by its comprehensive learning program. By guiding people through their career journeys, from entry-level to leadership, the firm grows and thrives.

About Reign Management:
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