We’re lucky to have encouraging leaders as members of Team Reign Management. Ken Z., our firm’s President, sets the tone by emphasizing positivity in everything he does. We’re happy to put Ken in the spotlight and share a few of his best tips for sustaining success in a competitive industry.

Ken began working in the marketing and consulting services industry as an intern. He was a student at Montclair State University at the time, and it only took him a year to open up his own office after finishing school.

Our President’s advice to those just starting out in our business is to keep a positive outlook and learn positive lessons from every unexpected outcome. He remarked, “You must have defined goals and be able to manage outside influences that may distract you from achieving those objectives.” Ken believes that clear targets allow people to harness inspiration and properly direct their efforts.

Ken’s favorite quote is the motivational maxim, “The most beautiful views come after the hardest climbs.” This is a phrase that continues to inspire us around the Reign Management office from day to day. It’s much easier for us to keep our sights set on long-term goals when we think about what it will feel like to achieve them.

We’re a more engaged team thanks to Ken’s guidance. Learn more about our President and all our inspiring leaders by following Reign Management on Twitter.