Join Us for the Polar Plunge on February 23

We take the idea of pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones seriously and look for ways to challenge our minds and bodies on a regular basis. While this often takes the form of a new work or workout goal, there’s something exciting that happens right here in New Jersey every February that pushes us to our physical and mental limits. It’s the Polar Plunge, and we’re proud to say it’s an annual tradition Team Reign Management has embraced.

Being part of Reign Management offers many opportunities for people to push themselves, most of which don’t include anything so dramatic as frigid water. Frequent travel, networking, and public speaking are all regular parts of our program though, and these come with their own sets of unique challenges and rewards.

Doing things that scare us only makes us stronger (within reason, of course), and jumping into icy Atlantic waters in winter is definitely chilling in more ways than one. But, it’s also for a great cause, and there are medical professionals standing by. In the end, it simply ends up being an exercise in willpower, and if we can muster the fortitude to do this, we figure all our other goals this year will be a piece of cake.

Who knew something so icy could set our careers aflame? Follow Reign Management on Twitter to see pictures from the Polar Plunge, and to learn more about the ways we prepare our people to thrive.