How to Manage Disagreements to Get Results

When people think about cohesive teams, they picture everyone getting along. However, highly functioning teams also disagree on many issues. As we’ve noted in our Reign Management meetings, a lack of consensus can lead to a brilliant solution. The key is to channel dissenting energies properly. Let’s explore why disagreement can be good and how to shape it for productive results.

In our Reign Management culture, we prize innovation. However, it’s hard to reach such levels of creativity if everyone thinks alike. Groupthink is far more of a danger than earnest debates over the merits of diverse ideas. As leaders, we need to encourage people to present unique perspectives. By doing so, we can lead them to rich outcomes.

There’s an art to making sure disagreements remain constructive. In our Reign Management environment, our people work toward shared goals. This helps them stay focused on a bigger vision. Our emphasis is on active listening with the intent to understand each other’s positions.

It’s also essential to remember that if two people or groups arrive at different conclusions, the answer doesn’t have to be one or another. Effective brainstorming sessions can be useful as well. The most innovative solutions tend to emerge from what at first might seem like crazy ideas.

Remember, from disagreements can come outstanding results – if we strive to work together. Follow us on [Twitter] for more managerial best practices.