When it comes to thriving in business, how you learn can be as important as what you learn. In our Reign Management training program, we place strong emphasis on our knowledge transfer practices to ensure people gain a deep understanding of the lessons we impart.

“Our Reign Management onboarding process is different from ordinary training programs,” said Ken Z., our President. “We leave rudimentary materials like books and videos behind. Instead, our newest associates engage in hands-on experiences that introduce them to our methods for launching effective outreach campaigns.”

Reign Management’s coaching program is the real nexus of our learning environment. “We immediately pair our incoming team members with seasoned managers so that they can gain wisdom from the best,” Ken added. “It’s a very hands-on program, with a lot of one-on-one and group-based training. The coaches are there to guide individuals and provide them with feedback as they follow their personal career plans.”

“What’s great about this program is it allows us to focus less on prior experience and more on qualities when we interview candidates,” Ken noted. “Studies have shown that traits such as a positive attitude and a growth-oriented mind-set are far better indicators of how well an individual will do in a role. We can teach people our methods, they just need to bring the right ambition and desire to succeed.”

We’re continually expanding and adding to our team. Check out our Newswire for the next opportunity to join us and gain knowledge that will serve in any career.