Congratulating Joseph on His Recent Achievements

We enjoy recognizing our team members for their wins, and this month we wanted to use our Reign Management blog to spotlight Joseph Nardone. He was recently promoted, and also earned a top leader award at a national conference in Dallas.

Joseph is 25 years old, and a graduate of Lincoln Tech, Union County College. While there, he majored in sports management and business management, and also played on the golf team. His education and competitive spirit were evident once he joined our team: Joseph was promoted to account manager in only two weeks!

He has already proven himself adept at sales and marketing, and is quickly learning recruiting skills as well. His short-term goals are centered on being a master recruiter while also gaining expertise in office and field training. Long-term, he wants to open his own Reign Management satellite office, while also buying a house, retiring at 40, opening restaurants, and pursuing real estate investments.

We asked him what he enjoys most about being part of our team, and he said it’s a mix of the awesome lunches, support system, close-knit office atmosphere, accountability, and the balance we maintain between having fun and getting our work done. To unwind, Joseph plays basketball, watches TV and movies, and plays PlayStation. Something he doesn’t brag about is that he’s a great basketball player and an accomplished chef.

We have no doubt that Joseph will continue to contribute to our firm’s mission of raising the bar for the brands we represent, our company, and the rest of our team. Learn more about our world-class crew by liking Reign Management on Facebook..