Clear Goals Help Our Dreams Reign

Goal setting is always a point of emphasis around the Reign Management office, but this is especially true right now. Our theme for this month is, “Work Hard. Dream Reign.” We’re fully focused on setting high targets and challenging ourselves to reach them. These are a few of the proven strategies we’re using to make sure we achieve our lofty ambitions:

• Take It One Goal at a Time: Psychologists have a term that goes along with this concept: goal competition. If we have too many objectives at once, they compete for our time and attention. Around Reign Management HQ, we tackle one big target at a time to make sure it gets our complete focus.

• Stack Habits: Achieving goals means maintaining the right behaviors. That’s why we engage in habit-stacking, which creates a plan for how, when, and where we will reach our desired outcomes. Once we figure out the specifics of how to pursue an objective, we’re more motivated than ever to accomplish it.

• Set Maximum Thresholds: Rather than think about the minimum we would be satisfied with, we aim for the upper limits of what’s possible. We still make sure our goal is achievable, but we chase the most ambitious outcomes so that we stay engaged day in and day out.

We’ve found these strategies very helpful in progressing toward our highest targets. Follow Reign Management on Twitter to receive more of our best success tips.