As We Reflect on Our Successes, We Are Inspired to Give

The holiday season is upon us, and Team Reign Management is excited to reflect on and celebrate all our successes in the past year. As we consider all we have to be grateful for , we also look for ways to support worthy causes in our community.

There are a lot of different charity options, and we’re looking forward to supporting several of them. First, we hosted an internal food drive with the YMCA for Thanksgiving. We stacked tons of canned goods in the Reign Management office, pushing for even more right before the holiday.

Right on the heels of our food drive, we’ll start a toy drive to support the Make-A-Wish Foundation. If there’s any cause that’s dear to our hearts, it’s making sure that children get toys for whatever holiday they celebrate. It’s our pleasure to make this season special for those who need a little extra cheer.

While we partner with nonprofits because it’s the right thing to do, there’s also a major benefit to our philanthropy program: We become closer as a team. Instead of just coworkers, we’re also change makers and forces for good in our communities.

When we give, we often get even more in return. See what worthy causes we support in the coming year by liking Reign Management on Facebook.