Winning is what we like to do at Reign Management. To achieve success, we believe in working together while at the same time pushing forward on our individual paths. Thankfully, we have the right culture that supports both team spirit and personal growth. Here’s how we manage to blend collaboration with our competitive sides for mutual triumphs.

“Our culture is a good mix of family environment and friendly competition,” said Ken Z., our Reign Management President. “This team is very close and its members work well together, but they can also be very competitive while at work. Everyone here shares a common goal for professional advancement. Therefore, we foster an environment in which they can support each other as they find their own niches and reach for their own career ambitions.”

Collaboration is at the center of everything we do here, as Ken noted. “We encourage idea sharing and value everyone’s contributions,” he said. “It’s so vital that our people realize that their input is important, because it inspires them to stay on top of their game.”

To encourage our associates to build stronger relationships, we have weekly team nights during which we engage in some fun activities to earn bragging rights around the Reign Management office. “We’re an active bunch, so we tend to get excited about sport-themed challenges,” said Ken. “Recently, we’ve played basketball and football, gone bowling, and even shot pool together. We really get into these events.”

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