Ambitious and career-oriented people share this trait – they know how to network. More importantly, they know the secrets to make their networking efforts effective for their needs. In our Reign Management office, we share ideas on how to connect with people. Here are some practices that stand out from the rest:
• Be Authentic: As we’ve noted in our Reign Management outreach, people respond best to those who are sincere. In a networking situation, it’s important that we present ourselves authentically. We listen to others with earnest and are genuine in our offers to assist them in meeting their needs.

• Keep an Open Mind: One of the points we stress at Reign Management is to be open to new ideas. When connecting with people, we need to be receptive to their ideas and thoughts, and refrain from passing judgment too quickly. Remember, sometimes the most off-the-wall notions can be the next big things.

• Realize There Are Different Forms of Networking: Networking gurus know that there are opportunities all around us to connect with other people. The person sitting next to us on a bus or at the doctor’s office might be a better contact than someone we meet at a business function.

When we approach networking this way, we build strong connections. Like us on [Facebook] for more tips on how to develop a professional network.